The Best SIM Japan unlimited&100GB/Month


Surprisingly, In fact, there are few Free WiFi spot in Japan.

When you come to Japan, you would feel inconvenient so much.

Just buy your SIM and Let’s access the internet until you’re contented !

You can get the SIM at the Airports or the other places, if you reserve in advance.

Just rental the SIM and use it

You can use the SIM, if you use iPhone or Android Smartphone.

As soon as set designated APN, you can use the internet.

When the SIM will be expired and you leave Japan, Return the SIM 🙂

Attention : you have to return the SIM and Pocket WiFi before you leave Japan. Don’t worry the Post office is available at the Airport.

In addition to Monthly rate plan for the Long stay users, for short stay users, 1day – 7days and more, can available daily rate plan.

Pricing : SIM

The best SIM for Long term stay users

100GB Plan

$32 / Month

Unlimited Plan

$35 / Month

Pricing : Pocket WiFi

This plan available Monthly or Daily rate.

Especially for Short stay users

Unlimited Plan (Softbank)

$36 / Month

$3.24 / Daily

Unlimited Plan (Y!mobile)

$32 / Month

$2.20 / Daily

Limited : 10GB / 3 days

What do you NEED?

  • Credit Card
  • Passport / ID

How to buy the SIM

Unlimited SIM and WiFi
$32 100GB/mo | $35 Unlimited/mo

Sign in iVideo

Access the iVideo.

First of all, sign up iVideo.

Just input your information. Don’t forget the password!


At the bottom, Enter the below email address. thanks.


you will get 200 yen coupon.

Login iVideo

You will receive new mail from iVideo, open and confirm it.

Access the Login Page.

Enter the your ID and Password.

After logged in, touch the menu bar on top left.

Choose Monthy RENT > JAPAN WiFi

And then, choose the plan you want

choose again

Add the shopping cart and buy the SIM

You select the place where you PICKUP it.

Enter the your NAME same as your passport.

Select the term you use the SIM (Daily / Monthly)

Start date is your arrive to Japan or receive the SIM day.

Confirm the order, pay it using Credit card.

Which Airports you can PICKUP the SIM?

Now, you can receive the SIM card at 7 Airports in Japan.

LAWSON at the Airport open 24/7, if you want to use the internet ASAP.

the detail is available here.

or You can pickup the SIM from iVideo Shop.

  • ASAKUSA / Tokyo
  • UMEDA / Osaka

Setup the APN on your phone


After you pickup your SIM, just open SIM slot on your phone.

Insert new SIM and Enter the APN as follow the manual.

How is the Speed the internet?

The speed is well. You can watch the YouTube without feeling stress.

Overall the speed is 20 〜30Mbps. The Top speed is roughly 70Mbps.

When lunch time and night a little slower.

But don’t worry,10Mbps and more is available at least.


The Best SIM for you

I am Japanese and live in Japan, and I believe Those SIMs are Most reasonable price compared with any other services.

I recommend it those who will visit Japan.

Welcome & Enjoy it!

Unlimited SIM and WiFi
$32 100GB/mo | $35 Unlimited/mo

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